Leah Dixon
Class of 2014
Sitting Soldier in Street Clothes 2013, wood, paint, leather, 30” x 22” x 34”
Sitting Soldier in Street Clothes
2013, wood, paint, leather, 30” x 22” x 34”
Cincinnati, Ohio New York, New York

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1982. Dixon is sculptor, painter, and digital artist who is currently receiving her Master's in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. She attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2012, and received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University in 2005. Her work will be included in an upcoming exhibition 'ANTITHESIS' curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud. This past summer, she was featured in 'BALLS TO THE WALL' at DODGE Gallery in New York, and at WEEKEND GALLERY in Los Angeles. She has been included in recent exhibitions at Toomer Labzda Gallery, and STADIUM Gallery in New York, at NUDASHANK Gallery in Baltimore, and NADA in Miami. Her work has been shown internationally in Berlin, London, and Beijing. In addition to running an independent Artists' studio project in Lower Manhattan from 2007 through 2011, she has directed multiple independent curatorial projects in New York and Miami. Her work has been included in various publications, such as New York Magazine, and HYPERALLERGIC. Leah is currently the co-owner and Creative Manager of Beverly's Bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Leah Dixon, class of 2014

Class of 2021

Nefeli Asariotaki
Athens, Greece
Brooklyn, NY
Kristian Battell
Emerson, NJ
Monclair, NJ
Anamaria Crespo
Queens, NY
Queens, NY

I am originally from Sunnyside/Long Island City, Queens, and New York City continues to be my absolute most valuable inspiration. My interest in photography bloomed in High School when I would skip several classes to attend concerts every week and capture images of the forces on stage. 

After graduating with my BFA in Photography & Imaging from NYU Tisch School of the Arts I ventured into the non-profit sector and dedicated much of my time to bringing art and other creative outlets to public schools through one of the largest after-school programs in the city. 

I am back to re-cultivate my creative abilities and broaden my artistic point of view through other mediums and materials.

My objective as an artist is to examine the physical form of people and animals through different spaces and frames. My medium of choice is photography because it allows me to retain the initial moment that attracted me, while also having the choice to re-examine and interpret the image without solely relying on what I could remember naturally. I am able to focus on the fleeting moment in time and not just the persistence of my memory.
My images reflect my gravitation and inclinations towards discovering the beauty of objects in unusual places, forms, and situations through colors, tones, expressions, and gestures. 
I have periods where I am drawn to certain color palettes over others. Some images are candid moments, others are meticulously staged, but they all aim to communicate vulnerability within each and every subject in their given space - whether human or animal. We are always being watched by someone and framed by something, whether it is physical or abstract.
Maho Donawaki
Tokyo, Japan
Brooklyn, NY

Maho is a multidisciplinary artist from Japan. She graduated from Tama Art Univeristy with her BFA in Media Art.

Alyssa Freitas
Portland, ME
Bushwick, NY

Alyssa Freitas is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes video and photographic elements. Her construction of space explores the influx of digital culture into contemporary life. She has shown internationally, online and offline. Her work breaks conventional ideas of an art space, going as far as showing work in the massive multiplayer online game Minecraft. Freitas received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Maine College of Art.

My work abstracts the journey of being active online and the continual merging of our on and offline identities. I am fascinated by the normalization of online personae and the effect it has on introspection. How emotions are felt, dispersed and received are continually evolving as more online platforms permeate culture. The unintended consequences that arise from technological discourse inspire each body of work. My practice hypothesizes an augmented veil of human experiences through two main focal points: the psychological effects of media on an individual user, and globally, the artifacts that are collaboratively left behind.
Ruj Greigarn
Bangkok, Thailand
Manhattan, New York

While a student majoring in painting at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Greigarn had several occasions to explore and experiment with new arts techniques, including mixed media. At this time he began noticing his strong passion for contemporary art, closely focusing on the techniques such as installation and interactive art, which he views as one of the most interesting and creative methods to express conceptual ideas.

Greigarn spent five years setting up a concept that is continuously influenced by his self conscious illness. His artworks are mainly inspired by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Because he wants his art to be understood by every culture around the world, he has decided that the best way to vividly translate his thoughts to his audiences is to use mixed media and a variety of techniques.

Mina Han
Seoul, South Korea
Brooklyn, NY
Yizhe (Blanche) Huang
Long Island City, NY

Yizhe is a Hardcore-Painter-To-Be-Who-Also-Does-Installations. When she is not glued to her canvas working on new projects, she is most likely reading books and drafting out plans, trying to build Transformers to collapse human civilization - so everyone buys her art. Yizhe was born in Guangzhou, spent her teenage years in Singapore and received her BA at the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!). She is allergic to mango.

Abstraction brings ambiguity. Fascinated by the idea of solely concentrating on painterly components, I simplify the complex and concrete images in my paintings to elementary colors and shapes to invite spontaneous interpretation. Many of my abstract paintings draw upon contrasting visuals and investigate physical forms of stochastic behaviors in an orderly framework. I concentrate on formal elements and weave formal Chinese aesthetics into my paintings. Because I was only trained in western style art, I want to explore my identity as a PRC artist with a conflicting cultural background and education.
Ji Min Hwang
Seoul, South Korea
Brooklyn, NY

Ji Min Hwang received her BFA in illustration from Pratt Institute in 2018. Her work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators. She was also part of a group show at New York's Onishi Gallery and Yui Gallery in 2018.

She contends that a true artist can find a way to take an image that everyone experiences in common and communicate it in a powerful way. She says “Self-recognition is crucial for everyone to realize that we all have the same inner life.” Through her work, she wants to capture the moment where her life views and personal experiences click together. She believes that everyone has gone through these specific moments at some point. As an artist she wants people to associate their own memories by looking at her paintings as they appreciate things around them and look for silver linings. 

Doi Kim
Seoul, South Korea
West Harlem, NY

Doi Kim had a BFA in Fine Arts from Korea National University of Arts at Seoul, South Korea. She focuses on printmaking and drawing but also seeking new forms of expression as well. She explores materialistic imagination and existential questions through visualizing imaginary creatures.

Sohee Kim
Seoul, South Korea
New York, NY
Yun Ji Lee
South Korea
Queens, NY
Xing Li
Guangzhou, China
Manhattan, NY

Stair lover.

XiangLong Li
HaungShi, China
New York, NY
Traditional art forms have been broken,The art , i think, is possessed of highness and possibility, not determined by common standards and correctness. I don't want to know that there are others before me.
Carolina Paz
São Paulo City, Brazil
Brooklyn, NY

Carolina Paz is an artist and educator. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally in museums, galleries, and residencies. She is the recipient of the Funarte Visual Arts award. Her work is featured in the permanent collections of Rio de Janeiro Museum of Art, Luis Seoane Foundation, the Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art, and Goiânia Museum of Art. Carolina is the founder of Uncool Artist, and the independent art space Coletivo 2e1. She received a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a master’s degree in Media and Knowledge from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). 

I am interested in the dialogues we make in and with familiar living spaces, which I investigate through paintings, videos, objects, and participatory projects. I am curious to examine the meaning of the tracks people leave when expressing ideas and moving on with their lives. Colorful, soft, and fragile textures that I can work with my hands attract me. Furthermore, words have a significant presence in my production. Collaborative reading and writing exercises are sources that I cultivate whose inputs I frame as artwork while seeking connections with others. Consequently, my practice has become an invitation to cooperation and exchange.
Anthony Reamer
Stillwater, Minnesota
Manhattan, New York
Since receiving his BFA from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2019, Anthony has co-opted public art with his studio practice to learn how images and objects can reframe people's interaction with public space. 
Man Shi
Beijing, China
Jersey City, NJ

P. S. O. N. Y.

"Do one thing in life, and do it well."

Alexander Si
Wuhan, China
New York, NY

My work positions fandom, mediascape and celebrity culture in a solemn religious context to invite your re-examination of the act of faith and its relation to our mortality.

Tong Wang
Chengdu, China
Manhattan, NY
She has 8 years’ dancing experience, gradually changing from learning ballet to contemporary dance. Trying to choreograph in the process of learning to dance, this creation makes her want to use different media to create art. She thinks art is not bounded by the medium, time and space, and also art is to make yourself feel comfortable and happy. Furthermore she likes to express her feeling via her re-creation of objects and performance art. Meanwhile, she explores the world of art in the way of manifestation. Human bodies are temporal, but the essence of the arts is eternal.
Elise Warfield
Xinyu Wo
Ningbo, China
Manhattan, NY

Xinyu Wo is a visual artist who was born in Ningbo, China, and now works in New York. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in oil painting from  China Academy of Fine Arts. Her latest exhibition is in East Gallery in Nanjing. Her works are usually in the form of short videos, installation and paintings . She likes to express her concern about the spiritual connection between people in the modern society with a surreal visual approach. Her paintings have been collected by  many individuals and companies.

With the development of civilization, it has become a trend to emphasize "individual". The pros and cons of this phenomenon for the development of human society are a thought-provoking topic. My work revolves around concerns about the spiritual connections between people in the modern world. I am inspired by the images and sounds of people's dreams. I like to extract these dream elements, and then combine them with the specific topics I create to create an allegorical visual language that allows the audience to communicate in this surreal dream. My works are usually in the form of short videos. The audience can choose to view the image works from different angles at different time points and generate different dialogues, which is the charm of video for me.

Feizi Wu
Chaozhou, China
Queens, NY
DAn Xie
Manhattan, NY
I like to take photos, traveling, record some interesting ideas from life. I would like to try and experience more kinds of stuff in the future.
Boyang Yu
Beijing, China
Brooklyn, NY

Boyang Yu is an interdisciplinary artist from Beijing, China. Growing up in Beijing, he developed a fascination with nature, which is the inspiration behind many of his works. He focuses on the relationship between the natural landscape, social landscape, and political landscape. By exploring different mediums such as natural elements, from leaves to home grown plants and human-made materials, e.g., plexiglass, metals, concrete, and so forth. 

Zhimo (Sam) Zhu
Long Island City, NY

Class of 2022

Alex Angel
Pomona, California
Brooklyn, NY

Born in California, raised in Hawaii. Studied Fine Arts and Digital art at Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu, Hawaii. Received a BFA in Design focusing on Motion Graphics at the School of Visual Arts, NYC, 2020.

Noel Calvo
Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn, New York
Yuan Fang
Shenzhen, China
Brooklyn, NY

Yuan Fang is a visual artist who lives and works in New York. Her works have been widely exhibited in the United States and China, including Yuan Fang: Rushing Down The Cliff, Latitude Gallery, Brooklyn (2020); Yuan Fang: Liminalities, Time Arts, New York (2019); Cross-Cultural Practice: Recent Works by Chinese Artists in New York, 285 Jay Street, Brooklyn (2019) and Artificial Boundary, Fou Gallery, Brooklyn (2018).

My practice began with a self-detachment from the external environment, while maintaining a rebellious posture of exile. Throughout my upbringing, I have been constantly experiencing lack of belonging reflected by surroundings. For me, desire, emotions and memory are not concepts, but real, vivid and tangible experiences, and I attempt to explore them in the sense of self-estrangement in paintings.

Kamiesha Garbadawala
Westmoreland, Jamaica
Manhattan, NY

Kamiesha Garbadawala was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica and resides in New York City, where her studio practice is based. She received a BBA in Fashion Design Marketing from the Parsons School of Design in 1999. A former designer, Kamiesha launched a celebrated line of handbags (Alric Suba) with Barneys. Her creative passion has reemerged and flourishes in the form of abstract celestial landscapes.

In 2017, Kamiesha’s work was exhibited at the National Academy Museum, SCOPE Miami Beach, and to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In 2018, her exhibition, Sugarcane, opened at Galleria Ca’ d’Oro in Chelsea. In October 2018, Kamiesha proudly participated in the Baryshnikov Arts Center’s Annual Fall Fête.

My landscapes are celestial windows into the subconscious which I am simultaneously creating and discovering, through dense layering and excavation using oil paints. I am passionate about exercising my ability to turn personal hardship into self-awareness, strength and power with painting as a reflective conduit. Transformation and divine transcendence have been constant themes in my life and my work in abstraction.

It is my intention to bring the viewer to a place normally in the shadows, an intangible spiritual destination, as I apply and manipulate heavy bodied paint to evoke earth’s surface. My painting practice manifests dissonant elements and feelings simultaneously–fluidity and sharpness, light and darkness, uninhibited while thoughtful–resulting in surface-driven landscapes of honesty and self-acceptance which are both unsettling and tender.

Xayvier Haughton
Spanish Town, Jamaica
Spanish Town Jamaica

Born in St Catherine,  Spanish Town studied at Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts

My work explores Vodou practices and their connection with the black spiritual experience within the western canon. Using pictorial representation, I initiate the divination of iconographic imagery combined with Vodou votive and architectonic forms. These create altars that consist of shifts of tones, textures, and shapes.

Siqi Hu
Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China
Daniel Wheedong Kim
Pohang, South Korea
Manhattan, NY

BFA in Fine arts, BA in Art studies from HongIk University, Seoul, South Korea

My works are all about people and society we are facing.

Hongbin Kim
Kyu Ho Lee
Anyang, South Korea
Long Island City, NY
Weina Li
Beijing, China
Brooklyn, New York

Weina Li is an MFA student at the School of Visual Arts living and working in New York. She graduated with a BA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California in 2018.

Stephanie McGovern
Petaluma, California
Queens, NY

Originally from the Bay area, McGovern received her BA in studio art and textiles from San Francisco State University. Her visual and performance work has been showcased in venues between New York and San Francisco, including: School of Visual Arts, House of Yes, the Park Avenue Armory, Satellite Art Show, the 2019 Chashama Gala, Secret Loft NYC, Textile Arts Center, The Living Gallery, The Footlight, The Roll Up Gallery, Root Division, SFSU Fine Arts Gallery, Martin Wong Gallery & Renegade Craft Fair.

Stephanie McGovern a.k.a. Mimi Silk, is a multimedia and performance artist exploring the conflicts between conventional female allure and the authentic self. Compiled through pain and exhaustion, her “purge performances” act as a means for catharsis and a repurposing of the “female” role. Her work aims to deconstruct the aesthetic metaphor associated with “woman” and “womanhood” by creating a paradox of hyper feminine objects, which includes her body. Femininity becomes a tool to draw more questions than answers and through spectacle liberates the artist to transcend her arbitrary definitions.

Tingleguts McLellan
Lansing, Michigan
New York City

Tingleguts was born into a family of Jehovah's Witnesses where his queer identity was forced into hiding. He escaped the religion at 16 and as a result of his experience sought learning specifically related to belief systems and neuroscience. Tingleguts received a BFA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he intensively studied performance, printmaking, photography, video, music, and sound. After a decade spent in Washington, D.C. as an artist and brand designer, Tingleguts relocated to New York City where he continues research into and making experiences that explore the psychology underlying the belief in conspiracy theories today.

Tingleguts is a project that interrogates belief systems and explores the psychological states and cultural contexts from within which particular beliefs emerge and take hold. At the same time, Tingleguts is itself a system of belief regarding consciousness and the mythical being for which it is named. Emerging from artistic practice that ritualizes devotion to the beliefs underpinning the system, Tingleguts gives form to itself as a fantastical and spritely being. Intuition, chance, and happenstance are all leveraged into filmic animations and responsive installations that at present focus on the creation and visualization of personal gods and other mythical beings.

Dylan Rose Rheingold
New York, NY
New York, NY

Dylan Rose Rheingold is a Visual Artist born and based in NYC. She received a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University in 2019 and studied Painting for a semester in Florence, Italy. Her work has been featured internationally in Vogue Italia, ArtPremium Paris- Generation Z Artists on the Rise, Gotham Magazine, Hamptons Magazine & Office Magazine. She has also exhibited in group shows throughout Manhattan, Florence & Upstate New York.

Paulina Mendoza Valdez
Chihuahua, Mexico
Brooklyn, NY

Visual Artists and Curator with a BFA in Photography from Texas State University, San Marcos.

My work deals with the “in-betweens” -dreams vs reality; intrapersonal vs interpersonal relationships. I’m interested in transitions, time, editing and issues with documentation, and storytelling.

Shun Xin
Suyi Xu
Shanghai, China
Brooklyn, NY
Zhao Zhang
Xuzhou, China
Shanghai, China

Zhao Zhang is a multidisciplinary artist and a curator. He graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts with BA.

I give up delicacy, beauty, magnificence, and any other exact aesthetic style. My works focus on the local culture and try to establish sincere and equal communication between communities and groups in an artistic way.