Popular Culture Is Where The Pedagogy Is

Friday, May 27 through Sunday, June 5th, 12-7pm, 2016
Explorations of Provocation and Praxis, MFA Thesis Exhibition
Curated by Jasmine Wahi
Popular Culture Is Where The Pedagogy Is explores various foundational impetuses for art making praxis'. Bringing together nearly 30 artists from a variety of visual disciplines, the show identifies three categories by which this group of cultural practitioners frame their processes; “Observational Aesthetics”- a practice that may both objectively or subjectively regard social phenomenon through the object making; “Active Engagement”- a practice reliant on performance, and other forms of physical and participatory interaction with the artists audience as a response, commentary, or deliberately agendized means of reshaping a facet of contemporary/future society; “Aesthetic Neo-Formalism”- a methodology concerned with the idea of ‘art for art's sake’ in the contemporary context. Each of these classifications originates in the general idea of Popular Culture (defined within the exhibition as the aspects of social life, ranging from politics to mass media to art and everything in between, that are most commonly pervasive amongst a wide population). This larger concern with popular culture is what ultimately defines the exhibition's flow, and larger discourse around foundations, motivations, and inspirations for making art.  

The Hole
312 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

Photos by JSP Art Photography.





D. Myntia Daniels, class of 2016


Eli Barak, class of 2016



Dareece Walker, class of 2016


Ron Erilh, class of 2016


Marvin Touré, class of 2016


Michelle Sumaray, class of 2016


Michal Geva, class of 2016


Scarlett Lingwood, class of 2016


Delano Dunn, class of 2016


Noelle Fitzsimmons, class of 2016



Ragnheidur Karadottir, class of 2016 



AnnaLiisa Benston, class of 2016 


Ali Shrago-Spechler, class of 2016 


Installation view 


Marilyn Gomez, class of 2016


Susan Luss, 2016


Sean Donovan, class of 2016 


Franco Frontera and Amalia Mourad, class of 2016 


Jonathan Schouela, class of 2016 


Georgia Lale, class of 2016 


Ron Erlih, class of 2016 


Shannon Broder, class of 2016 


Kaja 'Cxzy' Andersen, class of 2016 


Younghoo Lee, class of 2016 


Ruth Freeman, class of 2016 


Hyunwook Seo, class of 2016 


Rich Vivenzio, class of 2016 



Sophie Parker, class of 2016 



Juan Rodelo, class of 2016


Yael Azoulay, class of 2016


Yael Azoulay, class of 2016