Believing You

Saturday, January 11, through Saturday, February 1, 2020. Gallery hours Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm.
An interdisciplinary exhibition that explores belief, truth, and communicating through aesthetic, material, and formal vernaculars in an era of #metoo and #fakenews. The exhibition features an all women and nonbinary roster of artists, most of whom are also SVA alumni.
Curated by Risa Puleo and assistant curator Carlos Rosales-Silva
On view at SVA Chelsea Gallery from January 11, 2020, through February 1, 2020, the title of the exhibition Believing You was generated out of a response to artist Alicia Smith’s new work I Believe You, a video that explores the possibility of recovery from trauma in a poetics of restorative justice. Believing You, the exhibition presents a range of formal, material, and aesthetic response by an all women and nonbinary roster of artists to an era increasingly defined by questions of belief, be they about believing victims of the system and interpersonal abuse that forms the foundation of the #metoo movement or in parsing the layers of partisanship and political lies that underscore the hashtag #fakenews. How might visual language operate as an intermediary when spoken language fails us? How does the space created by a work of art function as a site for reframing and navigating the complexity of the world in its present state? Artists Leah Dixon, Nadine Faraj, Alison Kuo, Anette Millington, Dana Robinson, Aya Rodriguez Izumi, Stacy A. Scibelli, Elyla (Fredman Barahona), Alicia Smith, Trish Tillman, and Emily Weiner leverage specific identity-based critiques of social structure that also prioritize strategies for coming together.
Opening Reception: Friday, January 17, 6-8pm. 
Artist Talk and Performance by Elyla (Fredman Barahona): Tuesday, January 28, 6:15-8pm.
SVA Chelsea Gallery
601 West 26th Street, 15th floor
New York, NY 10001