D. Myntia Daniels
Class of 2016
Cincinnati, Ohio Brooklyn, NY

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Myntia Daniels was a dedicated gymnast. As she grew older she remained involved in athletics and earned varsity letters at Princeton High School in multiple sports. She continued cheerleading when she joined Ohio University where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting in the spring of 2013. Her active lifestyle and athletic experiences, along with her interest in African American history have molded and inspired her artwork. She uses the body's internal structures to represent the beauty within, and to embrace the outer beauty of her figures. Myntia is passionate about the subject of beauty and her primary goal is to uplift and inspire. She believes that the most important quality for a woman to possess is her confidence and through her work she strives to uplift beauty in all its forms. She often focuses on external physical features such as skin complexion and hair texture, but combines them with images of their microscopic forms. This juxtaposition allows her to expose the body's most complex and amazing attributes in ways that reveal who we are as individuals.

D. Myntia Daniels, class of 2016

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