Fiorella Gonzales-Vigil Mohme
Class of 2015
Lima, Peru New York, New York

Fiorella Gonzales-Vigil Mohme (1983), born and raised in Lima, Peru. She studied painting at School of Arts of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and Digital Graphic Design in the Peruvian Institute of Art and Design. She has participated in several exhibitions in Peru and other countries, such as Finland, Greece, United States and Italy. She has been twice a finalist in the National Young Artists Competition, and received an Honorable Mention.

In 2009 she created the project "Designing for Equality" along with two artists, aimed at developing productive capacities in women victims of gender violence. In 2011 she had her first solo show based on the human behavior reflected in the traffic of Lima. In 2013 she had her second solo show, "Id, Ego, Superego, Miniego, Not Ego, Other", which reflects on human behavior, expressing the instability on a personal level and in various other dimensions such as psychological, familiar and professional. She currently lives in New York City where she is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at SVA.

Fiorella Gonzales-Vigil Mohme, class of 2015

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