Graciela Cassel
Class of 2014
Accelerate 1 2013, Video Still
Accelerate 1
2013, Video Still
Argentina New York, New York
My themes intertwine actual experiences, dreams, and memories. I intentionally distort reality to create dreamlike images. M video loops, meant to be seamless, questions reality. Each experience is endless but also captures the possibility that a sudden cut will dissolve those memories or shift them. We believe an illusion: that memories can be lost in a second. In these dreamlike situations, I explore different realities. Truth, like objective reality, does not exist; however, we keep looking for the ?substance,? for both meaning and reassurance.
Graciela Cassel, class of 2014

MFA Fine Arts
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New York, NY 10021
8th & 9th floors
Tel: (212) 592-2500

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