Scott Ferguson
Class of 2017
Glasgow, Scotland Brooklyn, NY

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland I have lived throughout the United States since a young age and in 2013 received my BFA in Interdisciplinary Media Arts Practices from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am currently based in Brooklyn, NY. 

<div>Integrating performance, video and sound, I create work that discusses ideas of success, masculinity, memory and destruction. My performances are built around a misuse of tools and technology--creating moments of absurdity and abstraction, blending intimacy with disruptive noises. I think of my work existing in the same time frame as a song: being a quick snap away from reality.&nbsp;Additionally, collaboration plays a large role in my work.&nbsp;</div> <div>I am an active member of the Flinching Eye Collective, an interdisciplinary arts group focusing on live-performance in relation to video and sound. Outside of the Flinching Eye Collective, I am part of a two-person collaborative called Ralph-Wallace with Benjamin Gale-Schreck; we work with each others weight and make work about masculinity and humor within the art world.&nbsp;</div>
Scott Ferguson, class of 2017

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