Georgia Lale
Class of 2016
Athens, Greece New York, NY

Born in 1989, Georgia Lale is a sculptor and a video-performance artist. She graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece. She is a scholar of Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation and received many grants and awards for her undergraduate academic performance. She has participated in several Video Art Festivals and group exhibitions in Europe. At 2014 she had her first solo exhibition in Greece. She has worked for the International Museum of Contemporary Art and for the Ministry of Culture and Sports at Greece.

<p>&quot;If you see something, say something.&quot; This is my belief as an artist. If I saw something, I must speak about it, I must create something about it, I must share as much as I possible the way that I view the cosmos around me. If we want to change the world, we must firstly understand it and we can&#39;t, if we don&#39;t recognize who we are, if we don&#39;t recognize our needs, if we don&#39;t explore our physical structures. They are about to tell us, which are our survival, emotional and spiritual, demands.</p>
Georgia Lale, class of 2016

The MFA Fine Arts program reflects the diversity of New York’s many art worlds. Together, the faculty and students form a community of established and emerging artists from many backgrounds who work across disciplines and modes of practice. Our main goals are to provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which students can thrive and develop as artists, to foster rigorous critical engagement with contemporary art and other cultural forms, and to produce an ongoing conversation, through work as much as through words, about what we make, how we make it and why.

The MFA Fine Arts program attracts ambitious emerging artists from many countries and backgrounds. In their commitment to art, and to one another, they provide a foundation for artistic growth that extends beyond graduation and forms an ongoing platform of professional support. 

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